Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pictures from Opening Day

Read the story below and no I didn't even hit anything!
The two old fellas that scared me up some woodies that I couldn't hit.
Deep int the creek I again found nothing but scenery,want the whole story read the post below.


The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

It typically takes me 1/2 to a full day of hunting to get my swing back after not shooting for 8 months. DEDH and I had a difficult morning on the opener but by mid morning were taking shots with "rock star" potential! :)

If you can get in some skeet in the off season you will find it helps immensely.

Keep getting out there and eventually you will hit gold. Oh, question do you have woody call and decoys?

tugboatdude said...

Yes I did buy a wood duck call,and even watched the silly video that came with it.I only did a few calls because from what I learned they don't call to each other much.Yes my brother,swamp thing,gave me four wood duck decoys that are in good shape.Honestly I did my research and just didn't get the pay off but I refuse to quit.

Swamp Thing said...

Yup, whatever, it's all about the routine. Not many birds around anyway. We'll travel to where they are in January. Trust me on that one.