Thursday, October 9, 2008

Who Smells It?

I do,I do,I got skunked on opening day!Yeah whatever,so what if I missed a pair of woodies that flew right over my head fifteen feet off the ground.Besides another group of 3 woodies,that was all that I saw.A few other guys up there in kayaks and canoes had little luck jump shooting woodies in the small creeks.It was a pleasant morning but just to warm and muggy to really get in the mood for duck hunting.I will say this,it's extremely difficult launching a boat by yourself when you are fishing,when it's 5 A.M and you are on the worlds darkest back road boat ramp it's even harder.Let's just leave that alone,I won't get into exactly went down,it's repairable,enough said.I still got out and I found a good spot,so I thought,and proceeded to put out a few decoys.Then I waited and waited and so on.Then a few old fellas asked if they could squeeze by me to proceed deeper into the creek I was set up on.They were in kayaks and I agreed.The way I saw it was I can't get back as far as they can and they may scare up a few and send them my way.So on they went and a few minutes later I heard a distinct human sound that told me something was on the way.Like two little rockets fifteen feet off the water they were over my head before I even shouldered the shotgun.I tried but to no avail to down the pair of wood ducks.Disgusted at myself for no real reason,I packed up not much later and came back home.I keep reliving that moment over and over trying to think what I could have done different.The answer,not much,I tried,I missed,the birds will be there in the morning when I head back out there to camp and hunt for the weekend.


The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

There have been so many times where I will re-think a shot or missed shot for days.

Bottom line you miss 100 percent of the shots you never take so let the lead (errr steel) fly! :)

tugboatdude said...

Yeah true that.I just got home from the camping hunting trip,same results,except I didn't even see anything fly Friday or Saturday,story and pictures to come.