Sunday, April 20, 2008

Aluminum in a scientific sorta way(not really)

Ok well I forgot to explain the process of how they get this aluminum oxide.This is gonna be good and not scientific at all.Well first off a ship from somewhere in India brings over what seems to be red clay.Then they offload that onto a conveyor belt and do some sort of bathing process,then it's heated and one of the by-products is aluminum oxide.So it's put on another conveyor belt that wraps around the shipyard and bam onto the barge with a product resembling snow.They say it's not bad for people to breathe in haowever I will wear a mask thank you very much.Ok so then the product is taken back to New Orleans and thats all I know so far.I'm glad I could thoroughly confuse everyone and at the same time not educate anyone on the subject.Above is a picture off the bow of the barge coming into the amluminum extraction facility.


Swamp Thing said...

When you say "a product resembling snow," do you mean the Canadian rapper? Because that would be hilarious! Almost as good as the MC Hammer Action Figure with purple Hammer Pants.

tugboatdude said...

you can't touch this.....don't do me like that!

Swamp Thing said...

Naw see, we got to pray just to make it today!