Monday, April 21, 2008

I was oh so wrong!

So I'm an idiot.The "red dirt" I mentioned is boxite.It's not from India it's from Jamaica and Peru.Now that being said let's go through the process again.The boxite is brought over by ship from Jamaica and Peru,then it's offloaded into a bathing plant.The problem is they don't bathe it they cook it.Anyway then the aluminum oxide,as seen above all over the barge,is loaded into the barge and carried to the New Orleans area.After the barge is moored in the river then smaller river barges are loaded full of the aluminum oxide and they continue upriver to an aluminum plant.After arriving at the plant the river barges are offloaded and the aluminum oxide goes into large "tubs".Electrodes and I'm sure a few other chemicals are placed into the "tubs".Then just add electricity and bingo bango your pizza doesn't stick to the pan and I have a boat to fish out of.I just wanted to clear that up before I forgot and got dumb on the subject again.The picture above is "wintry mix Texas style"

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Swamp Thing said...

Cool. All I ever knew is that it came from Jamaica. Amazing the lengths we will go to, so Schaeffer Light can be in a can, not a bottle, ha ha.

Oh yeah - it's bauxite.