Saturday, April 19, 2008

Corpus Chridti Texas Yeehaw

Texas, I now can say I have been there.Well in about an hour we will be securing this barge to the dock.We have been underway for three days and the weather coopersted for the most part.It should take approximately threee days to load the barge full of aluminum oxide,then we go back to New Orleans.We should be granted shore leave to go do some grocery shopping at the least.Eating frozen pizzas and cans of corn can get old after awhile.MORE PICTURES TO COME!


Swamp Thing said...

Sweet pix. Hey a bunch of the peeps in NC and MD are reading your blog now. Call me next week and I will show you how to add pictures to your individual posts.

Outty Five.

tugboatdude said...

sweet dude yeah spread the word because my friends seem to lack the ambition to get online