Sunday, April 20, 2008

Back to New Orleans

Well the barge is almost loaded and with any luck we should be underway back to New Orleans to offload.Everything went as planned,except for a new barge captain that didn't have a clue and a broken dock line or two.It's nothing that the crew wasn't prepared for and we all took it in stride.The new barge captain,fresh out of pampers,seemed a little confused that there was actual work involved and wasn't to keen on getting his hands dirty.That's how it goes in this industry and many others when people focus on the money accept the job then find out they have to work for there paycheck.Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we should be in New Orleans sometime Friday.Above is the tug Barbara Neuhaus that assisted us into the dock in Corpus Christi, a very well maintained tug in good working order.I will make sure to take plenty of pictures in the next few days and will post agian upon returning to New Orleans.

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