Saturday, April 26, 2008

Oh what a difference a day makes

So we were headed up river and everything was going way to smooth.Then the rain started and I knew it was about to get bad.The orders came down to drop the anchor on the barge because we were going to be at "the dock" to early for the line handlers to help us out.See we tie in between mooring buoys so they can bring a crane barge next to our barge and offload the material into smaller river barges.Anyway we need help getting our mooring lines out to the buoys because they have about a two-three hundred foot lead on them.So back to the anchor.Problem number one driving rain,problem number two it's my first time dropping anchor on this barge,problem number three people have to much faith in me,or they are just to lazy to go up on the barge to help me out.I found out how to fire up the generator,the air compressor and the hydraulics by myself.That's a big deal because I'm no good at heavy machinery.Then I even got the anchor in the right gear,a miracle by any standard no doubt.I even dropped the anchor without incident.Then it didn't hold.Hey watch out for that ship and those barges and the bank.Well I got the anchor back up,which took way to long,then we dropped it again and it held.All I know is the current on the Mississippi River is no joke and I still hate heavy machinery.Cold and wet I headed back to the boat, with a radio that didn't work after all the rain,only to find everyone having a good laugh at me soaking wet and shaking.FEEL THE LOVE!

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