Monday, April 28, 2008

Down by the beach!

Well I didn't think it was possible to go so slow.It took us three days to go 147 miles.That's right between the federal pilots,aka safety nazis,and the current we didn't make anytime.I would have taken pictures but muddy water and flooded trees aren't that appealing.Well good news is after we finish offloading here,sometime thursday,we head to the Bahamas.Oh yeah one of the reasons I got into this line of work is to see the world while I'm getting paid.In the last six months I have been in Louisiana,Philadelphia,Baltimore,Deleware,Texas,Guatemala,El Salvador and the Panama Canal.Now don't get me wrong there is still a lot of work that has to be done it's not a cruise ship.However the scenery and the local people are a good bonus.After we are done loading limestone in the Bahamas then we head to Hopewell Virginia and I get to go home.Estimated round trip from Louisiana to the Bahamas to Hopewell is around 15-20 days.That can change very easily with all the factors involved weather,material availability,loading procedure and many other things can set us back days.As long as I'm still getting paid we can sit at the dock for all I care.I just want to be home for the Memorial Day weekend!


Swamp Thing said...

You are headed to a van down by the river!

tugboatdude said...

Back seat of my jeep type situation!