Saturday, June 14, 2008

Good Lord Man I See Land!

Well what a long trip it's been.Only a little over eight days but still a bit much when you figure all we did was go from North Carolina to Louisiana.On the other hand we did haul over 15,000 tons of fertilizer behind us.Well we made it,the weather cooperated and we didn't run out of grub or fuel,mission accomplished.I saw some of the most beautiful and amazing sunsets possible,only problem was it was a million degrees outside.During the days at sea much painting,chipping,splicing of lines and general boat maintenance fun was had by yours truly.At the dock just south of New Orleans we will discharge the fertilizer and go down river a few miles to get the barge cleaned.Following that step it's off to Tampa Florida where the barge will under go a dry docking experience and massive overhaul and maintenance.Then who the hell knows where to next!

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