Monday, June 30, 2008

Sippa Missi

I mean Mississippi,that's where we ended up.They chased us out of Tampa in a hurry after we received our new fair lead and gear guard,they were tore up from last month's trip.We were given word of a trip to Mexico and then it magically changed to hurry up and head to a job in Mississippi.Not just a job a damn dredge job.Nasty freaking nasty work.I have found out the true meaning of Mississippi mud and I am not to fond of it.Well no worries only a few more days and I am out of here.They brought a few more guys on the boat to help out that's a disaster and I will leave it at that.This is hard work,probably the hardest work I have done since last year.The only thing still tolerable is the food and that's growing old on me.


Swamp Thing said...

See you in 10 days hoss.

tugboatdude said...

hells yeah dude i'm ready but the question of the day is amy ready for mantay madness