Friday, June 20, 2008


Well that was a short unadventurous trip!We did manage to have a slight communication problem coming into the dock.We were given the message either side to the pier.Which means get the barge to dock however the hell you can.After we made up on the port side of the barge it changed of course.Hey what the,no you can't,that won't work yelled the dockworkers.No big deal we swung around on it,almost took out a buoy,a pole barge and a fishing boat or three.That's over with thankfully.As far as we all knew we were to drop the barge at the shipyard a and haul potatoes North.Welcome to tugboats 101 things change,stand by,go get grub,crew change.We got grub and we went from six people on board down to four.Oh no that's no good for me boss,but I can tough it out I always do,it's the nature of the business.All I have been told is the office wants to keep this boat in the South.That's cool,no big deal but yeah could you narrow that down for me.Fifteen days left and it's time for me to go home,enjoy a few cold ones and relax!

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