Monday, June 2, 2008

Moorehead North Cackilacky!

Well after a rather unusual start to my hitch,everything has calmed down.I'm not complaining believe me.Moorehead seems like a nice town surrounded by barrier islands.It's geared towards tourism and isn't used to salty dogs,such as me and the crew,walking around there ultra trendy town.They out up with us but we stick out like a sore thumb.The restaurants are nice the view is spectacular but there are absolutely no women anywhere,damn bible belt.That was a joke,it's a good place to visit just bring your wallet and make sure it's not empty.After they unload the scrap iron we brought from Norfolk Virginia we are getting loaded with fertilizer bound for the Mighty Mississippi.Should be about a ten day offshore trip but that depends on the weather.

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Swamp Thing said...

do the tourists at morehead enjoy fine cheeses, such as gouda, provolone, and fromunda?