Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well Tampa,yup Tampa I'm no longer excited to be here.We got here Thursday and here we sit,idle.They took the crew down to four people,I'm still here so I guess I serve a purpose.All anyone has heard is that there is a job around the area that the office is bidding on.Some trip involving a two barge tow,Tampico,Mexico and equipment we don't have on board.I thought Tampico was a cheap orange drink but I digress.We wake up in the morning,we eat,we paint,we chip,we paint some more,then go to sleep and do it all again.It's ridiculous hot with ugly thunderstorms every afternoon.Only time will tell I suppose.In ten days I'm scheduled to go home so I'm just looking forward to getting the next few days out of the way and starting the countdown.

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