Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's Your Life

one of my great friends took a random job with a random company that was great.what was so great about it?he doesn't work where I used to!Now what everyone needs to understand is,you have to start somewhere.On top of that you have to understand that you can always do better.I am always going to try and do better,that's how I was raised.However these guys out here know one thing and one thing only,and that's how to make a living on the water.My friend wrote an article that is now published in the professional mariners magazine,I'm jealous.He wrote down a simple trip between Philly and NYC with fuel barge.He wrote every detail from eating to docking,it's awesome.I'm jealous because this guy has less than an eighth grade education,remembers details better than a first grader and can describe tugboat life better than me.The point here is,it doesn't take a genius to work on a tug,it take a vivid imagination to describe what it's like.We all make a good living out her,yet people don't understand what has ton happen to the random products they take for granted.Everything from fuel to fiber is transported via ship or barge and it doesn't just show up waiting for you.It take hours and days to make it there so you can enjoy the conveniences of life.

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Swamp Thing said...

Almost all professions are so infiltrated by politics anymore, that not only does it NOT take a genius, but the people who are technical & theoretical geniuses have a hard time succeeding in our society. Why? Because we live in a culture where everyone questions the value of everyone else's work, and you have to have good communication skills - good people skills in general - to answer those questions and not make people upset (and take their money away).

Either your boss, your investors, clients, taxpayers, all want to know why "it costs so much" to do what you do. If you can't explain it to them, then you are eventually going to be out of a job, hoss!

Never be afraid to tell someone the value of what you do!