Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Another Day Another Dollar

This is wearing thin on me already.This dredge job is non stop ,back busting ,muddy work.It's an Army Core of Engineering job.What that means is instead of just wearing a life vest on the barge you will need the following.One hard hat,set of steel toed boots,leather gloves,safety goggles,long pants,long sleeved shirt and a good attitude.Just joking on the last item,however making a joke here or there is the only way to make it through the work day.My work day happens to be around fifteen to eighteen hours long.The reason for that,inexperienced deckhands that arrived on the boat unprepared to work for there money.It's unfortunate that to get anything to happen I have to cop an attitude or raise my voice.If I don't someone gets hurt or something gets broken.If you know me then you know My attitude is usually on the up and up.The last few days it's been flat lined by people unwilling to learn or break a sweat and get dirty.Besides that every day we have afternoon thunderstorms.I have three days to go and I know I will make it.When I leave who knows how many things will go wrong,my guess is at least a few.

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The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

LOL! I will NEVER repeat NEVER complain about my job again! :)