Thursday, July 31, 2008


I apologize for the delay.Last Friday we were given the boot from the supply dock we had been tied up to for almost two weeks.The reason behind it,some wahoo decided he wanted to cut off a ship in the Mississippi River dumping fuel oil forty five miles up the river.Now an oil spill of any kind is terrible but in the Mississippi River where the current runs like a man just released from prison it's catastrophic.So the river was closed and all the inbound ships and tugs were held up in the anchorage.They had to be re-routed to smaller ports not used to handling major ship traffic like Mobile and Pascagoula.So the dock space was needed and away we went.Around Florida up the East Coast and to Maryland to the boat yard to do some work on the boat.It has been a ridiculously calm trip and I am not complaining.Well we got inside the Chesapeake Bay and I'm feeling a little closer to home.We should be at our destination tomorrow morning and then it's dirty work time.

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