Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nature in Maryland

Well I made it home from Maryland in one piece and I don't have to go back for any court appearances,so it was a great trip.Last Friday my brother and I left from yorktown,va to go visit our oldest brother in Maryland.After a grease filled dinner of pizza we did some online scouting of the fishing hole.Wake up call at 5:30am came a little to early but we got motivated b y the thought of landing a monster bass.We headed down to Loch Raven Reservoir after stocking up on donuts and Gatorade.We rented a boat a headed past all the schmucks that go a hundred yards off the dock and start fishing.We had our first line in the water around 7 am.The fishing was pretty slow but after an hour my brother landed a nice 2-3 pound large mouth bass.After we all rejoiced for a few minutes and took pictures we started fishing again.Working the shoreline structure with everything from buzz baits to stump jumpers we didn't have much luck.I caught a small bluegill on a rooster tail.On that note I'm getting tired of being the king of brim this season.We tooled around the reservoir with our not so mighty rented trolling motor and saw the sights,made some jokes,and generally just acted like brothers act.Saturday night we went to a soccer game featuring D.C United and F.C. Guadalajara.The energy was immense and even though D.C. United lost we had a great time.We finished Saturday up by having an unnecessary post midnight meal at a local diner near my brothers house.Sunday we slept in till around nine and weren't motivated to do much.We did however muster up the energy to go to a local park and drop a line in.Not to much going on there.It was blazing hot and we were mostly looking forward to the shrimp boil my brothers wife had planned for that evening.Oh boy was that good,I just couldn't stop eating.When I did though it was lights out.My brother and I woke up early and hit the road headed back to Virginia.I looked forward to this trip most of the time I was stuck on the tug last hitch.It's things like this that get me through the bad days and make the good days that much better.


The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

NICE! Looks like you all had a blast! Where are the fish pics?

tugboatdude said...

I'm workin on that.My computer skills are worse than a two year old.

The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Have you see the mad skills some two year olds have!?!?! LOL!