Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Well after my poor luck fishing in a 1 acre community pond I figured the next day I wouldn't need a camera.How wrong I was!After the normal afternoon summer thunderstorm I jumped into my mighty ranger and headed to a church pond that almost never produces anything.The weather was perfect and as I approached the pond I knew I had messed up leaving my camera at the house.My very first cast and bam the rooster tail hit the water and it was on.I landed a healthy two pound bass.A few casts later and another.After forty five minutes of fishing I had landed four bass and one monster pumpkin seed.All the fish were active,hungry and ready to fight.It was a blast and yes not a challenge.I needed that after my poor day fishing earlier in the week.I know fishing ponds isn't very thrilling but it's close to my house and they are tried and true.I am very much looking forward to doing some fresh and saltwater fishing in Maryland with my brothers this weekend.Don't worry I won't forget my camera.

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Swamp Thing said...

Some N.R.G.G.G.Y. Minnows would have done the trick I think!