Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Enough With the Work!

Well I home after a ridiculous debacle of a crew change Saturday night.That's all I will say about that.Took a class Monday morning,advanced firefighting woohoo,then they changed my other classes around all week.It's ok though Friday afternoon I am heading north.Yesterday afternoon I had a chance to do a bit of fishing in some retention ponds that are everywhere around my old stomping grounds.Last summer they produced some small bass and multiple bluegills and crappie.So the idea would be that this year they would be much bigger and healthier.The water level was way up from last year.At this time last year we were deep in a drought in southern Virginia.This year we are holding at normal pool levels in the reservoirs and lakes.Well the fishing was slow but I did manage to catch a few small bluegill and a largemouth bass.What a whopper he was at ten inches.It was a good time no matter how you look at it.I'm looking forward to doing some fishing in Maryland this upcoming weekend with my two brothers.First of all I have to get these damn classes out of the way.The practical part of advanced marine firefighting,aka put out this here fire boy!Then Friday a personal safety and responsibility seminar.Oh yeah I am stoked about that one.Well I have tons of activities planned for the next few weeks so many pictures will be posted.


The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Blue Gill . . . I thought you called them thar fish "Brim" down your way? :)

tugboatdude said...

brim,panfish,bluegill,pumpkin seed the word "brim" kind of covers them all so sure brim works to