Friday, August 15, 2008

Albany,New York

Hooray!Can you sense my excitement?Well if you can then you are crazy because I'm about done with this hitch.Ever since we left the shipyard it seems like nothing goes right.I find myself helping out in the engine room more than anything.A broken jumper line,a leaky oil flex flange,broken gauges,you name it and it has been fixed and re-fixed.That being said it truly is breathtaking going up the Hudson River.We didn't have any time to go into town and browse which is what I look forward to when arriving at new destinations.That's alright though we are heading back down river to the North River anchorage ,around Manhattan.The barge is due in the shipyard Monday morning and that means crew change in New York,sweetness.It's going to be nice to step foot back on dry land and make sure my dwelling and belongings are still in one piece.

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