Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Run Away,Run Away

It's been a few slow moving days in the shipyard.Today I had the opportunity to evacuate the boat for a couple of hours and do some grub shopping at the local Wal-Mart,what fun that was.When we got back and finished unloading the hundreds of dollars worth of groceries needed to feed the crew for a week,a few of the crew members decided to go for a walk.My feet hurt and I was hungry but I tagged along.Now where would you walk to in a shipyard.That' the trick,the owners of the company I work for own a six hundred acre farm connected directly to the shipyard.I know I know it must be nice right.Well up the little gravel road and over the hill and wow I was amazed and glad I took my camera.Fields and fields of corn,old barns,a private pond,a creek,deer,ducks and anything else you can imagine is there and plentiful.We walked a long way to the pond but I had to see it and yeah as expected I want to hunt it.I'm guessing that won't happen because the owners are very into deer hunting and not so interested in a stupid duck.As we walked back the captain informed us of our next mission,everything here is supposed to be kept a secret.Friday afternoon the shipyard people should be done,then it's of to Albany,New York with an oversize 90,000 barrel barge.After off loading then it's back to Americas other armpit,Philadelphia.I'm only joking about Philly,it hasn't done anything to me.As you all know the orders are subject to change but I would like to take a trip up to Albany.Right now I'm just thinking how much I want to go walk around on that farm for another few hours.


The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Philly . . . ummm cheese steak . . . :)

tugboatdude said...

haha yeah I hear you.I'm thinking dry land mmmmmmm cold beer and two weeks off.

{nUtTyPrOfFeSsOr} said...

Yo- it has landed bro.

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