Friday, August 29, 2008

Relaxation Denied/Camo Duck Boat Part 2

So I'm guessing this tooth thing is done with,besides the antibiotics I still have to take for a few more days.My stomach loves them!Since Most of my last ten days off has been spent in a bed in pain I feel like I have much to accomplish.To bad my employer thinks I should go back to work Monday.Well first off again Verizon Wireless I hate you,I really do.I just prepaid two months of my bill and your signal is better twenty miles off shore what's that all about.OK I feel better let's move along.OK on top of that now I don't have enough signal to upload pictures much appreciated Verizon.So I will have to do that this evening.

So yesterday in the drizzle I walked around the yard and found a few leaves,traced them with an exacto knife on a manila envelope and cut them out.Then after my fourth visit to Bass Pro Shops this week,I purchased one can of doo doo brown spray paint.That isn't the technical term just what my friend called it.So easy enough I just sprayed a few leaf stencils on the boat and now the duck boat is ready to go.To bad the season is over two months away,haha.Well my brother is coming down from Maryland to go do some scouting on Ragged Island WMA.It will prove to be interesting I can promise you that.

So this morning I woke up early and went to do a little freshwater fishing.Don't hold your breath for any of those pictures I didn't catch anything.Three of the lakes I went to had oil booms and a slick on top of the water with signs every where stating a chemical influx type situation.So I moved on and went to Bass Pro again to buy some 2 cycle oil for the boat.I came home and fired up the motor since it had been awhile and generally just got the boat ready for the next days activities.Pictures to come at some point.

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