Thursday, August 7, 2008

Get to Work

Well with the starboard main engine back intact,looks like it's a short trip to Baltimore and then it's head north to Albany,New York to discharge petroleum then a trip back down to Philadelphia to load and for me to go home,maybe.It's still a good ten days or so away so I just have to wait and see where we are when it's my time to go.We will be picking up a Penn Maritime Monster,a 90,000 barrel barge over 400 feet in length.It's nothing this boat can't handle with it's 4,200 horsepower.Hopefully everything will run smoothly and the mechanics have held up there part of the bargain in putting the EMD 16 cylinder back together correctly.The crew,well the crew will consist of a veteran captain,a young mate,an OS deckhand,a chief engineer and yours truly the AB Seaman.I'm have worked with everyone on board before except the mate but he's from Virginia so how bad could he be........I guess only time will tell.

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The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Never trust anyone from Virginia! :)