Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back to Work

Well it's been almost fun.Guess what,I'm going back to work early again.I'm so dedicated,to bad it wasn't exactly my decision.Over the last few weeks home I haven't had a chance to do much.I got my wisdom teeth pulled so that took up most of a week with the whole pain issue.It needed to be done and I did have it planned so I guess I made it through and at least I won't be in pain anymore.Over the weekend my big brother came down from Maryland to hang out,do some duck scouting and take his wife shopping,haha.Well it was less of an adventure than I feared it would be.See the problem is there is a great WMA near my town,however there isn't a boat landing and you can't explore the area by foot.The reason for that is because it's a series of islands accessible only by water.So the only thing that we could come up with is put the boat in at the public landing on the other side of the river from the WMA.It was a calm overcast day,the boat ran decent for the most part and we did what we had to do.The pictures from the excursion are below.Oh yeah we did manage to find what apparently are not my friends called seed ticks,I have a few bites to say the least.

So back to work in the morning.The chief engineer is coming up from North Carolina and plans on picking me up before sunrise.Then it's a trip up north in what I'm sure will be a cheap rental car.The plan,which will change,arrive in Philadelphia,do some grub shopping,crew change and get underway to I have no clue.I'm a little out of the loop so just stay tuned and hopefully we won't be heading anywhere near the Gulf of Mexico any time soon.On a serious note,I really hope everyone in the path of the hurricanes makes it through the next few weeks.

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