Thursday, August 21, 2008

Angry Much?

Well it has been a chill few days and that's fine by me.I have been catching up with friends and bills and just waiting to get my teeth yanked out tomorrow.In the mean time I did some early duck scouting and did a search for public boat landings at a surrounding WMA.Not much luck but I did get to meet some sweet locals that are all about killing small animals.They were mostly insane but very helpful.I did some walking and saw that the plan I had worked out in my head isn't going to work.However I did devise a good plan.Now next week when my brother comes to town we shall see if it works.Pictures from todays exercise soon to come.


The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Typically my friends and I are the helpful and insane locals of which you speak . . . LOL!

tugboatdude said...

yeah me 2.yet the only thing people ask me is what way should I go so I don't get shot.thanks ghetto.