Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I am so stoked

Yeah not really.So here is the deal,I got my toofs pulled last Friday and yeah I have been in a bit of pain.Of course like anything it didn't go as planned and I am still in pain.My plan was sweet and would have worked.It involved being done with the pain issue by last Sunday,so it went out the window.Anyway,here I be is,and I am chock full of energy and stuff I want to do.Only problem is I am still in a little pain so I just plan on taking it easy for now.

So today I woke up and thought hey I should do something cool.So I went to Bass Pro bought some supplies and came home and added some camo to the duck boat my brother and I purchased this Summer.The original plan of making stencils was tiresome and to Martha Stewart for me.So my Army buddy suggested the old foliage trick.We went down to the local boat ramp and borrowed some grass samples and went at it.I think given the circumstances,it could have turned out much worse.Next step is add a little brown and bingo let's bust some ducks.


The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Nice! Our resident goose starts Tuesday . . . I practiced my goose calling in the truck all the way into work today . . . managed a few strange looks! :) LOL!

tugboatdude said...

HAHA yeah ors starts Tuesday as well,but I go back to work Monday imagine that.Anyway it's still 85 here so I'm not in the mood yet.Oh yeah don't worry you are not alone my brother,me and just about all duck hunters practice calling and yes people think we are strange.That's how I want it!